The Edible Garden

I recently had the honour of cooking for my friends 70th birthday party. As 70 year olds get she was very very reluctant to celebrate the day at all and wanted to opt for a day in bed with lots of magazine, an overdose of chocolate and binge watching old episodes of “The Thornbirds”

Working with her children we eventually got her to agree to turn the day into a celebration of her very colourful life and big heart. The technical details, menu and theme of the party were all kept a secret and she was only to arrive for lunch on the day.

When I sat down to think about how we could theme the day for her and steering away from all the usual clichés the idea of garden nestled itself in my thoughts.

She had lived a very colourful and bountiful life and how better to depict such a life than through a colourful garden setting on the table with flowers and plants looking like they have sprouted right out of the furniture.

The first course we decided to do and edible garden installation onto the table surface with various garden and vegetable elements, lots of edible flowers and colours reflecting in the flowers and the food.

Ian Engelmohr from Patat Design made the most beautiful ceramics especially for this unique celebration and vivid green colours. Great was our surprise when the Birthday girl showed up in exactly the shade of green dress as the ceramic bowls…

It was such a special day filled with so much laughter and joy and if I close my eyes and think back to it I can still hear the joyful chatter and clinking of champagne glasses. And this is exactly what fuels my engines: the opportunity to touch lives through the food and experiences provided at my kitchen table.

We present: The Edible Garden!